Pattern: Holly Days
Item Type: Tableware Creamer and Sugar
Years Manufactured: June 1985 - 12/1/1986
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Sizes and ID#s: No number (300 ml)

Pyrex Love - Holly Days Creamer

This is a very popular creamer and sugar set, especially close to the holidays. I’ve seen several places list this pattern as “Holly Days” so we’re going to go with this and make it a separate pattern category even though it could probably qualify as a promotional. We would appreciate if anyone has full information on when and how long it was offered - was it a one time promotion or offered every holiday season? I also don’t know if they made the full line of the dinnerware for Corelle as well.

The pattern is very simple: a band of green and black holly leaves and small red berries around the sides.

I’ve seen pyrex mugs that match with this pattern - they seem to be pretty common, though popular. I actually don’t have the sugar with lid in this pattern, but I assume it’s the same as the standard Pyrex tableware sugar bowl. The creamer is actually the same “size” as the standard D-Handle mugs (approx 300 ml) except that it has a spout in the front… remember that this is a
“down-turned” spout that differs from some of the other “Compatibles” creamers that have a straight spout. It’s marked as “Pyrex Microwave Safe” on the bottom of it.

Pyrex Love - Holly Days Creamer 2

Update 12/07: According to Pyrex Love reader Donna Holly Days was pattern number 144 and was introduced in 1985. It was discontinued on December 1, 1986. So that means it was only in existence for a year which explains its semi-rarity compared to other patterns, even though it was a regular release.

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