Pattern: Holly Days
Item Type: Standard D Handle Coffee Mugs
Years Manufactured: June 1985 - 12/1/1986
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Sizes and ID#s: No number (300 ml)

Holly Days Mug - Pyrex Love

For awhile we had thought these Holly Days mugs and the accompanying Corelle dinnerware were older, perhaps late 70s or so. It turns out that these were in production from June 1985 to December 1986 so they are relatively new. Still, the mugs definitely are definitely made of Pyrex though they are marked with the Corning stamp on the bottom. You can tell the difference from the transluscent nature of the glass.

Even though they are newer, they are relatively popular - especially around the holidays. In addition the production run was relatively short - less than 2 years. My advice is to look for them in the thrift NOT during Xmas which is when I found them.

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