Pyrex : Daisy

Pattern Description: Various oversized daisy patterns in mostly orange and yellow. Solid color items appear in this pattern set in orange and yellow colors. Casserole lids are often white with a single large yellow and orange daisy on the top. Also known as: Sunflower (very commonly mislabled as this), Yellow Daisies, Crazy Daisy (miscategorized - this refers to a variation of Spring Blossom)

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Items in this pattern: Listed below are all the items for this category that are currently in the Pyrex Love reference:

Daisy Cinderella Bake Serve Store Casseroles
Daisy Cinderella Mixing Bowls
Daisy Cinderella Oval Casseroles
Daisy Cinderella Oval Divided Serving Dish
Daisy Cinderella Round Casseroles
Daisy Orange-Yellow Mixing Bowls
Daisy Orange-Yellow Refrigerator Dishes

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