Pyrex : Advertising / Specialty

Pattern Description: This category includes pyrex items that were customized for companies, produced for advertising purposes, or made for special events such as one time employee gatherings. While there might not be much distinction between this category and the "Promotional / Unknown" category, we felt that because of the large number of advertising items (mugs in particular) that they should be placed in their own category to avoid cluttering the already crowded promotional category. In most cases, these items are not sets but single items.

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Items in this pattern: Listed below are all the items for this category that are currently in the Pyrex Love reference:

American Bicentennial Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug (1976)
Blue Chip Week Promotional Round Casserole w/ Lid
Blue Trains Children’s Dinnerware Set
Charleroi “Total Quality” Standard D-Handle Coffee Mug
Charleroi Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug (1972)
Charleroi Family Day Standard D-Handle Coffee Mug (1984)
Charleroi Plant Individual 10 oz. Casserole (1970)
Cross-Stitch Dinnerware Set
Ellsworth Pennsylvania Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug (1976)
Lincoln Center Promotional Casserole (1962)
Ponderosa (Hat, Badge) Tableware 709 Coffee Mug
Ponderosa (Logo) Tableware 709 Coffee Mug
Pyrex At Home In Your Lab Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug
Pyrex Labware Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug
Season’s Greetings D-Handle Coffee Mug
Vintage Bicycles Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug
Whiskey Rebellion Diagonal Handle Coffee Mug (1976)

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