Pyrex : Butterfly Gold

Pattern Description: Various butterflies and five petaled flowers. Most commonly a yellow-brown pattern on white, though the reverse of white on yellow-brown also exists. Two distinct pattern variations exist for various items - one has just the butterflies and flowers while the other has those items embedded on "wheat stalks", much like the Autumn Harvest pattern. Some lids feature a ring of butterfly gold with a single flower in the center, and the smallest size refrigerator box contains a single flower. Some other items (mugs and some casseroles) may not have butterflies in the pattern and only flowers. Also known as: Golden Butterflies, Five Petal Flowers

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Items in this pattern: Listed below are all the items for this category that are currently in the Pyrex Love reference:

Butterfly Gold 4 Quart Round Casserole
Butterfly Gold 8 Inch Baking Dish
Butterfly Gold Blue Beaker
Butterfly Gold Blue Flask
Butterfly Gold Butter Dish
Butterfly Gold Cinderella Bake Serve Store Casseroles
Butterfly Gold Cinderella Mixing Bowls
Butterfly Gold Cinderella Oval Casseroles
Butterfly Gold Cinderella Oval Divided Serving Dish
Butterfly Gold Diagonal Handle Coffee Mugs
Butterfly Gold Loaf Dish
Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowls
Butterfly Gold Oblong Baking Pan
Butterfly Gold Oven Refrigerator Dishes
Butterfly Gold Round Casseroles

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