Pyrex : Friendship

Pattern Description: Colorful orange and red bird motifs on white background form the basis. Some casserole lids are clear with the pattern, others solid white, but both have the birds in a circle. Some sets also include solid orange and red colored items with no bird pattern on them, though sometimes combined with lids that have the bird pattern. NOTE: Do not confuse the popular 1975 Corning Ware pattern known as Country Festival with Friendship! Though the pattern is setup similarly, the birds are Blue on that one and this is NOT the Friendship pattern. Also known as: Birdie, Friendship Bird, Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Scene, Red Rooster

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Friendship Cinderella Bake Serve Store Casseroles
Friendship Cinderella Mixing Bowls
Friendship Cinderella Oval Casseroles
Friendship Cinderella Oval Divided Dish
Friendship Cinderella Round Casseroles
Friendship Mixing Bowls
Friendship Oblong Baking Pan
Friendship Promotional Cinderella Round Casserole w/ Underplate
Friendship Refrigerator Dishes

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   Pyrex Friendship

HTF Corelle Corning Ware FRIENDSHIP Casserole Pyrex Glass Lid 1.5 Qt/L A-1 1/2-B
Current Price: $29.98
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1h 23m

Lot of 2 Vintage Pyrex Red Bird FRIENDSHIP Pattern Replacement Lid Cover 20-C 8"
Current Price: $24.95
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 2h 35m

Vintage Orange Pyrex Refrigerator Dish 1 1/2 QT Matches Friendship Pattern
Current Price: $16.50
Current Bids: 2
Ends in: 3h 47m

VTG Rare Pyrex Friendship Bird Casserole Container Bowl Red Milk Glass 473 1 QT
Current Price: $27.00
Current Bids: 7
Ends in: 5h 40m

Vintage Pyrex Red Friendship Bird 1 Quart Milk Glass Covered Casserole Dish 4731
Current Price: $20.00
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 7h 24m

Pyrex Milk Glass Friendship Pattern Red BIrd Lasagna Pan Dish Casserole Bake
Current Price: $50.00
Current Bids: 19
Ends in: 7h 28m

Pyrex Refridgerator Container 1.5 Quart ~ Friendship Birds ~ Orange/White w/Lid
Current Price: $19.99
Current Bids: 1
Ends in: 9h 36m

Pyrex Amber and Peach 2.5 L Friendship Mixing Bowl EC
Current Price: $9.95
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 10h 40m

pyrex Friendship red bird refrigerator dish complete set
Current Price: $75.00
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 18h 54m

Vintage Pyrex Replacement Lid Friendship for 1 or 1.5 Pint Casserole
Current Price: $5.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 19h 17m

Vintage Pyrex 1 1/2 Pint Friendship Pattern Mixing Bowl # 401 Birds & Flowers
Current Price: $9.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1d 10m

Pyrex Friendship Red Divided Casserole Dish Server 063
Current Price: $14.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1d 1h 2m

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Birds Lid Glass 470-C Lid Only CLEAN Replacement
Current Price: $4.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1d 1h 54m

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Refrigerator Glass Covered Dishes 8 Pieces Excellent
Current Price: $53.00
Current Bids: 13
Ends in: 1d 5h 37m

Vintage Medium FRIENDSHIP BIRD Pyrex Mixing /Nesting Bowl #403~2-1/2 Qt Quart
Current Price: $28.99
Current Bids: 0
Ends in: 1d 5h 57m

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