Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Bowl Chip & Dip Set
Years Manufactured: 1964(?)
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Sizes and ID#s: #441 (1.5 pint) #444 (4 quart)
Original Box#s: 5264

Ivy Chip Dip - Pyrex Love

This is a wonderful promotional Chip Dip set that featured the usual Cinderella mixing bowls - the #441 sized served as the dip bowl and the #444 large 4 quart served as the chip bowl. The dip bowl is cradled in a brass colored wire holder that clips onto the larger bowl.

Ivy Chip Dip - Pyrex LoveWe have seen a few original boxes that the set came in so we are pretty sure this was a promotional item. We did catch the box #5264, but unfortunately not any other info on the box, a snippet of which is shown at right. The pattern is listed in the Rogove and Steinhauer Pyrex book as a 1964 Promotional, but we are unsure whether that year is accurate or not. We are also not sure if “Ivy” is the true pattern name given by Corning, but it is in common usage by most people who have this set - so we will stick with that for now.

The pattern is a really nice green ivy plant trailing around the sides of the bowls. The ivy plants have three leaves and there are at least three different representations as seen in the photos. There is a “solid” ivy leaf, a “dotted” ivy leaf and a “striped” (ivy leaf made out of lines). Alongside the vines there also small green dots here and there.

Thank you to Merebearlandon for the picture on this page.

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