Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Oval Casserole w/ Cradle Series 043
Years Manufactured: Spring 1958
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #943 / 043 (1.5 quart)

This is another limited Pyrex casserole that I wish they would have named something else. Yes, it was actually unimaginatively labeled “Decorator” on the box and was released in Spring of 1958. To make matters worse there are many additional promo casseroles that came labeled as “Decorator”. IN addition there is one that features black tulip like flowers but is also confusingly on a yellow background.

To reduce confusion, we have started attaching unique names to the Decorator Casseroles. We’ve named this one “Mod Kitchen” because of the look of the icons and because they’re all kitchen items. (Does this casserole remind anyone else of Rocky and Bullwinkle, hehe…)

This casserole is also similar to several other different patterns, most notably Early American in it’s use of a wide variety of different motifs. These include pineapple, fish, watermelon, forks, spoons, carrots, mushrooms, pepper grinders, lemons, salt and onions. The background color is a pale off yellow color. This casserole also came with a standard carrier cradle with the white plastic handles, and the standard lid.

Very often, these limited casseroles will be found without the lid or the cradle. I guess it was sometimes too much trouble to keep them around. This is actually the exact case with the one we found below at a recent trip to the swap meet. Still, it was difficult to pass up at only $5.

Pyrex Love - Decorator Mod Kitchen

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