Pattern: Morning Blue
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Purple to Blue flower and leaf motifs sprinkled along the sides along with a wavy decorated line in the same color. This pattern only appears a few items like mugs and creamer/sugar sets, since it is meant to go with Corelle Livingware.
Item Type: C Handle Coffee Tea Mugs
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: No Number (10 oz)

Pyrex Love - Morning Blue Cup

These 10 oz. coffee / tea mugs were meant to go with Corelle Livingware in the pattern called “Morning Blue”. It features purple-blue flowers and leaves along with a wavy line decoration running around the side of the cup. To my knowledge, these are the only Pyrex items in this pattern, with all the dishes and other items being Corelle.

These mugs ARE marked Pyrex on the bottom, along with “Microwave Safe / No Stovetop / or Broiler / Corning NY USA”. However, they are not marked with an item # and only have the usual two digit batch manufacturing number which is meaningless to collectors.

We have struggled to label these mugs, sticking with “C-Handle” for the time being. But there are other mugs that have a similar “C” handle. In particular, the Tableware type of mugs are very similar except they are taller and less wide. So, we are going to call these “Coffee - Tea” Mugs, because of their resemblance to teacups, until we can come up with a better name (if you know the correct terminology, please let us know!)

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