Item Type: Cinderella Oval Casserole Set Series 043, 045
Years Manufactured: 1974
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Sizes and ID#s: #043 (1.5 qt) #045 (2.5 qt)
Original Box#s: 9773

We’ve actually seen several of these interesting promotional sets in boxes now, although we don’t have either casserole ourselves. (If you have this set, we’d love if you could donate a clear pic to the ref) This is one of the few sets that actually have a distinct name on them: the box reads “New Holland 1 1/2 Qt. 2 1/2 Qt. Oval Casserole with Trivet 9773.” This is one of the later promo patterns, produced in the 70s.

Also, a very interesting thing about the set is that the pattern on the two casseroles aren’t identical as are in many other patterns. The basic look is a solid blue (not turquoise) base casserole with a lid that has a blue pattern of hearts, leaves and other symbols on opal white. Interspersed sparsely among the blue symbols are bright red flower symbols.

These are the standard 045 and 043 casseroles and originally came with a single cork trivet cradle to protect surfaces. I believe this trivet is reversible - one side fits the 1.5 qt and the other side fits the 2.5 qt casserole.

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