Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Round Covered Casserole Series 475
Years Manufactured: 1974
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #475 (2.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 9573

This casserole lid has a Southwestern feel to it, with the very vibrant orange and black star pattern on the white lid. I’ve actually seen quite a few of these offered up on Ebay - it doesn’t seem to be an extremely rare pattern or highly sought after - I think it’s great, however. The pattern consists of a smaller black 12 pointed star enscribed into a similar larger star on an orange background. Running in concentric circles throughout that design are white lines which break up the pattern and make it seem almost like the weave of a blanket or basket.

Thanks to Alan (Mackem 54) we are able to show the actual catalogue picture of how this promotional casserole appeared in 1974. The Pueblo casserole is listed alongside the promotional Harvest casserole (which confusingly, was later adapted as the regular issue pattern called Old Orchard. More on that later in the Old Orchard listings):

Pueblo and Harvest Promotional Cradle - Pyrex Love

Interestingly, the catalog listing and the box is labeled just as “Pueblo” - we had always seen the name “Old Pueblo” being used. We were thinking that perhaps the “Old” from Old Orchard somehow found its way onto the name over the years. You might see us call it that throughout Pyrex Love in older posts…

This casserole is similar to the Vintage (Grapes) casserole in that it has a black plastic carrying cradle or caddy - this tray seems to have survived with many of the pieces offered, which is nice. At least in this case, we don’t think it’s Bakelite, but normal plastic. In the scan it is called a “Hugger” cradle.

The actual casserole is a sort of charcoal gray solid color and is a standard 2 1/2 quart #475 casserole dish. This pattern is also sometimes called Aztec or Basketweave in auctions due to the pattern on the lid. Though it’s been identified as a promotional pattern, the year hasn’t been nailed down. Update 11/07: According to the scan above this promotional was released around 1974 - and interestingly it is called a “Spring” casserole. The box number is 9573.

Update 1/08: Thank you to Golly-G for the photos of the casserole with hugger cradle below:

Pyrex Promo Pueblo Casserole

Pyrex Promo Pueblo Casserole

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