Older Corning Glassblower Plate

Tuesday February 17, 2009

Corning Plate - Pyrex Love

We continue to come across the older military style Corning restaurantware items occasionally. This is the first plate that we’ve purchased - the larger soup or stew bowls we got earlier seem to fit exactly into the plate which allows it to be used as a sort of saucer for the bowl as well. Over the weekend, we saw a few of the smaller soup (or chili?) bowls at the flea market but passed on those as the seller wanted an arm and a leg for them.

Also, earlier last week we came across a set of perhaps 10 or 11 smaller plates (perhaps salad sized?) at the thrift. These had the same Corning glassblower (often called the hornblower) mark on the back, without a date. We passed on these as well, because there was no room for that number of plates. These are very useful items, however, being extremely tough and durable.

One Response to “Older Corning Glassblower Plate”

  1. deborah Says:

    I fell in love with Pyrex as a teen; and took my first dish, a refrigerator dish in aqua with the cover from my Mom when I moved out. I still have it 25 years later. I believe she received it as a wedding gift - she has been married 43 years now. I just recently started picking up pieces as I see them in estate sales and markets, I just cannot keep my hands off any type of Pyrex. Today as I was out, I landed at a sale, and was “given” a dish, I was told, was an original refrigerator that came in appliances and was the owner’s grandmother’s. It still has the lid, is square and has tomatoes, celery, asparagus and lettuce in the glass top. Ridges in the sides. It is very beautiful, and only cost me 75cents.

    I would appreciate any information you have on it, even if it is of no importance to the Pyrex family.