Pyrex Double Tough

Wednesday November 12, 2008

DoubleTough - Pyrex Love

We received this scan from contributor JeffPyrex the other day. Jeff’s currently working with Pyrex book author Barbara Mauzy on a project detailing the commercial tableware that Corning was responsible for. A chapter on Pyrex restaurant ware will eventually appear in a later edition of Barbara’s book. It will most likely also include a list of the “customized” Pyrex patterns that Corning produced for specific customers, such as Ponderosa Steak House and Hilton Hotels.

This particular scan announces the “new” Corning “Double-Tough” dinnerware which was developed for the food service industry. Supposedly, in lab tests they could drop a piece of double-tough from twice the height as other restaurant ware even though Corning’s wares were 20% lighter than competitive brands. Jeff says that the name “Double Tough” was actually taken from a commercial tumbler line by Corning that had been in production since the 1930s. Very cool to see this early document for restaurant ware!

Eyes And Others

Saturday October 18, 2008

Recent Finds - Pyrex Love

Sorry, we’ve been away from the blog for awhile. While we’ve slowed down on our pyrex buying, we still keep an eye out for items that are either rare or that we need in our collection. Above are a few recent finds, we picked up cheaply.

In the back is a 403 style mixing bowl which has an unknown pedigree. In fact, in our earlier days of collecting I believe we passed over this bowl several times because we didn’t think it was Pyrex. It has absolutely no markings on the bottom. We’ve seen them in various sizes. It has been informally called “Eyes” or “Blue Eyes”. We’d still like to find out more about this series and whether it was a promotional or not.

The other two are common patterns, but we picked them up because they’re both useful and they were needed in the collection. This is a #913 Spring Blossom Loaf pan and a #502 Turquoise Butterprint Refrigerator Dish with lid. They were $3 and $1 respectively, so they easily found a home in our collection.

Lincoln Center Pyrex

Tuesday September 16, 2008

Pyrex Love - Lincoln Promo

Sorry, we haven’t been keeping up with the blog lately. We’re actually doing a massive amount of reorganizing, not only of our Pyrex, but the entire house and garage. We just have too much Pyrex and other glassware. So things are in a state of disarray right now.

However, buried in boxes in the garage, I did come across one of the first promo pieces we picked up. This is a promotional casserole for opening night at the Lincoln Center in New York, on September 23, 1962. Kind of a cool piece - there are more photos on the individual item’s page.

Butterfly Gold Bonanza

Friday August 1, 2008

Butterfly Gold Goodies - Pyrex Love

Ok, so it’s not really a “bonanza”. Still, we’ve picked up quite a few nice Butterfly Gold pyrex items lately. We’ve come across the #441 Cinderella bowl and the #502 mid size refrigerator dish in the picture before. But this is the first time we’ve found a #664 Four Quart Round Casserole.

These things are enormous, it looks much smaller in the picture. Unfortunately, we didn’t find the lid for the dish which is a bit different than the normal round casserole lid. The lid for this is usually domed and has a knob. Sometimes it has an opaque “spray” texture to it and other times it’s just plain clear glass. Hopefully, we’ll find an orphan lid that someone donated to the thrift in the future.

Chemex Coffee Maker Inventor

Friday July 25, 2008

Chemex Coffee Maker - Pyrex Love

Just a quick note that the Gourmet website has a short article and pictorial slideshow about Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, the inventor of the modernistic Chemex Coffee Maker. I didn’t know anything about him, so it was an interesting read. The coffee maker was originally contracted out to Corning for the Pyrex glass and Alcoa for the other parts, but was assembled by the inventor and workers he hired. He was apparently a prolific inventor, with over 300 creations to his name, although none became as popular as the coffee maker.

Read: Chemex Coffee Maker Inventor

Pink and Blue

Saturday June 21, 2008

Frost Garland and Pink Gooseberry - Pyrex Love

We were lucky to come across both of these at one thrift store the other day for a great price. The larger dish is a promotional 1.5 quart #023 round bottom casserole that is listed in our ref as “Frost Garland” (the name was one we had made up for now to identify it). It originally came with a glass domed lid and a wire candle warmer cradle. The frosted branch is just what we needed to cool down in this hot weather - it was in the 100s again today in L.A.

The small Pink Gooseberry Refrigerator Dish was a great find for a couple dollars - the couple of times I’ve seen one at the thrifts they’ve either been dishwashed or badly damaged. Plus, we got a lid to go with it. These #501 size Pyrex dishes are endlessly useful around the kitchen.

New Dots Bowl in Everyday Food

Friday May 23, 2008

Martha Stewart Everyday Food uses Dot Bowl - Pyrex LoveNo, Martha hasn’t re-released the Pyrex New Dots set. But there was a sighting of an orange New Dots bowl in an issue of her Everyday Food magazine. It’s for a recipe for Crunchy Caramel Corn. This is definitely seems to be one of the more popular vintage patterns for prop and set designers to use in media, as we have also seen it many times on Food Network, specifically on Rachel Ray’s show.

At least in the Everyday Food picture, they’re only using the bowl to serve the dish. Others have taken a pretty heavy hand, using the vintage bowls for mixing and whatnot. I guess this is what they are meant to be used for - still, go easy on those bowls, celebrities!

Here’s the link to the bowl sighting and recipe on the website. I’m not sure what issue this is from - my mom actually gets this magazine but I somehow missed the picture. From the name of the picture file on their site, I believe it’s the 2007 Q4 edition of the magazine that had the picture.

Also, thank you to Stacey who originally posted a picture of her own Caramel Corn and the link to the Martha picture.

Pyrex on the Cheap

Sunday May 18, 2008

We’ve been trying to cut down on our pyrex “acquisition” lately. Still, it’s a little difficult to pass up things when they are a pretty good deal.

These 6 mugs were about three dollars, which while not dirt cheap is pretty good for 1410 style Pyrex mugs. Usually we only see the Old Town Blue pattern in this style. Three mugs in Butterfly Gold and three mugs in Summer Impressions, Ginger. These came from a thrift shop - there were actually more but I didn’t pick up all of them.

Pyrex 1410 Mugs

Then there are the odd finds where people just think the pattern is too common, or maybe they think it’s a newer item. For the casserole below, I thought the LID was 25 cents. When I picked it up and there was no price, I realized the entire casserole was a quarter. It looked brand new. This is a standard Spring Blossom #472 1.5 pint Bake Serve Store casserole.

Pyrex 472 Spring Blossom

Granted they aren’t extremely rare or promo items, but it’s fun to come away from a garage sale with something substantial and that you can use everday that isn’t cheap plastic.

Royal Daisies

Tuesday April 1, 2008

Royal Divided Dish and Pink Daises 043 - Pyrex Love

Apologies for the lack of “Pyrex Finds” posts of late. We’ve actually been holding back on buying Pyrex lately, even though we have seen a ton of it. The reason is that we are getting to the point where we already have many of the pieces that we see at the thrift. We see no reason (yet) to try and hoard multiples of these pieces and are happy to let others discover them.

Since the Pyrex Love community has grown quite a bit over the last year, we also feel no need to have to pick up Pyrex opalware items in patterns that we don’t collect simply to get a picture of the pattern for the website. This is something we have done in the past. But because our house is filling up faster than we can find room for the odd Pyrex bowl, we’ll simply ask the community to contribute the pictures of items in patterns we don’t collect.

Here are two items we recently picked up that we didn’t have yet: the first is the Royal Promotional Divided Serving Dish that we found for $4. Although it didn’t have the cradle, it was in such good condition that we couldn’t pass it up. The blue of the divided base is a deep royal blue - this color seems a bit deeper than the Horizon Blue pieces. The clear cover has wonderful designs in gold leaf - remember to take care when washing those clear Pyrex items that have gold leaf or printed patterns. These are very susceptible to wear.

The other item we ended up getting was this 043 oval casserole in the Pink Daisy pattern. As usual, ours didn’t have a lid - but we didn’t mind since we have a few extras and the lids for these items aren’t decorated. This is the second item in the Pink Daisy (sometimes referred to in the catalogs as “WD” or “White Daisy” on Pink) pattern that we’ve come across.

Friendship and Other Finds

Sunday March 9, 2008

Pyrex Love - Friendship, Dots, Snowflake Blue

We haven’t had a roundup of recent Pyrex finds for quite awhile. The Friendship pattern seems to have recently appeared more than once for us at the thrifts and swap meets. Shown here are a single #441 Cinderella Bowl, #503 1.5 quart Refrigerator Dish with lid, #475 Round Casserole with Lid, and a #473 Round Casserole without lid.

We also came across another #402 New Dots bowl in yellow - very hard to pass it up even though we’ve completed our set. You’ll recall Rachel Ray using them on her 30 Minute Meals show. And last, two nice Snowflake Blue #501 refrigerator dishes with lids. Not shown here is another Snowflake Blue item - a #402 bowl.