Pattern: Pink Daisy
Identifiers / Alternate Names: White stylized daisy flowers with long petals on pink solid background. Petals are simple hollow outlines with a solid white center. Note that this pattern is always called Pink Daisy but the true name that Pyrex gave it is most likely "White Daisy". On various original boxes and dealer adverts, the box numbers contain a "WD" which definitely stands for White Daisy. Still, we will refer to it as Pink Daisy throughout the site. Also known as: White Daisy (Correct Name), Daisies, Pink Floral, Starbursts, Daisy Flowers.
Item Type: Cinderella Open Oval Baker 053/953
Years Manufactured: 1957 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #053 (1.5 quart)

This variety of dish is quite a bit more uncommon than the standard divided dish (043). Although it is pretty much identical in dimensions to the divided dish, this Pink Daisy oval open baker has number #053 (953) and doesn’t have the division either on the lid or the casserole itself. The lid is the usual clear variety. This might be a good choice for those who like the size and depth of the standard divided dish but want it for standard baking.

Actually, I’m not entirely sure whether this one CAME with a lid, especially because it’s known as an “open baker”. But we see it being sold on Ebay with a lid very often.

Again, the “Pink Daisy” is actually “White Daisy on Pink”… but we’ll go with the former because that’s what everyone knows it by.

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