Pattern: Pink Daisy
Identifiers / Alternate Names: White stylized daisy flowers with long petals on pink solid background. Petals are simple hollow outlines with a solid white center. Note that this pattern is always called Pink Daisy but the true name that Pyrex gave it is most likely "White Daisy". On various original boxes and dealer adverts, the box numbers contain a "WD" which definitely stands for White Daisy. Still, we will refer to it as Pink Daisy throughout the site. Also known as: White Daisy (Correct Name), Daisies, Pink Floral, Starbursts, Daisy Flowers.
Item Type: Oblong Space Saver Casseroles w/ Covers Series 548,575
Years Manufactured: 1957 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #548 (1.25 quart) #575 (2 quart) #550 promotional with both
Original Box#s: 548-18WD, 575-18WD, 550-18WD

After some consideration, we’ve decided to list all versions and set varieties of the Pink Daisy oblong casseroles on one page for ease of reading. There are basically only two of these rectangular casserole / bakers in Pink Daisy of sizes 1 1/4 quart (#548) and 2 quart (#575). But the confusion sometimes stems from the fact that they were sold with accessories and sometimes together for promotions. But the so-called “promotional” ones are identical to the ones sold as standard items. We’ll talk about both examples here.

Both of these casseroles were sold by Pyrex initially as “Space Saver” casseroles. From a 1957 dealer catalog page in Rogove / Steinhauer’s Pyrex book we can see these that they were definitely listed separately as Space Savers with the above sizes and numbers in “White Daisy on Pink” (remember again, we are using the common name “pink daisy” interchangeably with the correct name “white daisy”). These were supposed to be ideal for storing leftovers for space-challenged kitchens and fridges. The 1 1/4 quart Space Saver is quite a bit more shallow than the 2 quart Space Saver, though it was wider (I think…) Both of these were sold with clear glass rectangular lids, as far as I know.

For the promotional items, the 2 Quart Pink Daisy Space Saver Casserole was sold as an “Oven-Freezer Casserole” and came with a metal (brass?) cradle with the standard white rubber handles. I believe the clear glass lid in this case was the same as the normal #575 item. We’ve seen other designs besides the Pink Daisy one sold as promotions.

They also had a different promotional set that combined both Space Saver casseroles (#575 and #548) that I’ve seen a few pics of called the Oven-Freezer-Server Set. I think this had a number 550 on the box. Now, this set was where I’ve had confusion in the past - because of the accessories sold with it. I’d previously seen both Pink Daisy and the White Snowflake on Charcoal Black pattern of the 2 quart Space Saver being offered at a local swap meet, but they had METAL lids. At first, I thought that someone had just found a metal lid that fit ithem.

However, after some searching it became apparent that those indeed were the lids sold with this promotion. The full promotional Pink Daisy Oven-Freezer-Server Set came with the 1.25 quart casserole, the 2 qt. casserole, 2 matching flat metal lid covers (I believe these are marked with a “-M” as opposed to the usual “-C” for glass covers), and an interesting black wire metal cradle that had some kind of material wrapped around the handles. In addition, I see conflicting reports of whether they also had the standard glass lids included in the set.

If anyone has the full oven-freezer-server set with documentation, we’d like to know the actual contents of the set…

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