Item Type: Covered Casserole Series 664
Years Manufactured: 1970s
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Sizes and ID#s: #664 (4 quart / liter casserole with lid)

We don’t know too much about this unusual sized item (let alone if it was promotional or not). In fact, our knowledge at this time of writing is based upon a single instance owned by Merebearlandon. There has been some speculation that it may have also been a factory test piece that was taken home by a Corning employee.

Pyrex Love - Polynesian Promotional 664 4 quart casserole

Corning did manufacture these deep 4 quart / liter casseroles in various patterns - they aren’t as uncommon as we thought before. We’ve seen them in Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green and they also apparently made them in Snowflake Blue, Homestead and Old Orchard (according to Cindymuffin). The pattern is a really interesting maroon and burnt orange collection of symbols including waves and flowers that almost look Polynesian (hence the name given by Merebearlandon). For some reason, it sort of reminds me of the lid of the “Sol Flower” Promo Casserole that we had found earlier.

The casserole is marked as #664 and has both the metric 4L and 4Qt which leads us to believe it was made in the 70s. These casseroles have interesting clear glass lids with knobs on the top that have a rough bumpy pattern to them (which led many of us to believe that these were either dirty or not the actual casserole lid).

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