Pattern: Advertising / Specialty
Identifiers / Alternate Names: This category includes pyrex items that were customized for companies, produced for advertising purposes, or made for special events such as one time employee gatherings. While there might not be much distinction between this category and the "Promotional / Unknown" category, we felt that because of the large number of advertising items (mugs in particular) that they should be placed in their own category to avoid cluttering the already crowded promotional category. In most cases, these items are not sets but single items.
Item Type: Advertising Tableware Coffee Mugs Series 709
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #709

Ponderosa Hat and Shield Mug - Pyrex Love

This is one of two types of Ponderosa advertising mug, but it features a cowboy hat and shield instead of the other one which features the Ponderosa Logo. (For more information, on the restaurant check out the other post.)

The mug is marked around the top in brown with a simple fence graphic. On one side there is a star shaped badge with the letter P inside. The other side features a cowboy hat. The one that I have has been unfortunately dishwashed so the brown is much more faded. This is probably likely to happen since they were used in a restaurant.

Ponderosa Hat and Shield Mug - Pyrex Love

I’m not 100% sure, but I think that there are matching plates with the same graphic - if not then they probably have the “Ponderosa Logo” saucer that matched it.

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