Pyrex Double Tough

Wednesday November 12, 2008

DoubleTough - Pyrex Love

We received this scan from contributor JeffPyrex the other day. Jeff’s currently working with Pyrex book author Barbara Mauzy on a project detailing the commercial tableware that Corning was responsible for. A chapter on Pyrex restaurant ware will eventually appear in a later edition of Barbara’s book. It will most likely also include a list of the “customized” Pyrex patterns that Corning produced for specific customers, such as Ponderosa Steak House and Hilton Hotels.

This particular scan announces the “new” Corning “Double-Tough” dinnerware which was developed for the food service industry. Supposedly, in lab tests they could drop a piece of double-tough from twice the height as other restaurant ware even though Corning’s wares were 20% lighter than competitive brands. Jeff says that the name “Double Tough” was actually taken from a commercial tumbler line by Corning that had been in production since the 1930s. Very cool to see this early document for restaurant ware!

2 Responses to “Pyrex Double Tough”

  1. Laurie Kashmanian Says:

    I just picked up 6 of the 5 oz. sauce dishes at the thrift store yesterday. Never heard of Double-Tough - I was happy to see this post from Nov. ‘08. I learned something today — which is always a good thing. Thanks.

  2. Kelly Porritt Says:

    My mother still has a small set of Pyrex Double Tough plates and bowls. She said that my father got them in the 1950s when he served in the Air Force. Apparently, the Air Force used this brand in their mess halls.

    Unfortunately, I accidentally broke one of her bowls a couple of years ago and am trying to buy a replacement(s). I would appreciate any suggestions you may have.


    Kelly Porritt