Pyrex in Craft Magazine

Wednesday February 6, 2008

Craft Magazine - Designs Casserole

The latest instance of vintage pyrex creeping back into modern media - we noticed a nice Designs casserole featured in the February 2008 issue of Craft. The article it appeared in was called “The Craft of Casseroles” a little nostalgia piece on the resurgence of those old time meals from the 60s and 70s where the casserole was a staple.

Shown was the author’s (Cathy Callahan’s) version of a “Zippy Beef Casserole”. Hm… reminds me a bit of Frito Pie…

Craft Magazine - Designs Casserole

One Response to “Pyrex in Craft Magazine”

  1. GoDeMiSan Says:

    I saw this casserole dish not too long ago and I liked it but I did not have the time. After I got at home and checked your website for pattern references, I saw this article on the front page!! I could not close my mouth… I returned to get this casserole dish the next morning. If I had not checked your website and “Craft” magazine I would not have gotten it. I am very happy~! Thank you!