Pyrex Love on Apartment Therapy

Friday October 23, 2009

Pyrex Love on Apartment Therapy

Just a quick note to say that Pyrex Love was featured on Apartment Therapy in Flickr Finds - this is actually a photo of our living room from awhile back. Thank you to Molly from Apartment Therapy for the nice mention!

The big cubicle-case (don’t laugh - from IKEA) in the background contains more than just vintage Pyrex. But at the time this photo was taken, it did have mostly Pyrex and other vintage glassware. The glass-door hutch on the far wall contains a good amount of Pyrex as well. We try to rotate out certain items with the seasons. The only really bad thing about having this many items displayed is that it takes a tremendous amount of time to dust everything. =)

4 Responses to “Pyrex Love on Apartment Therapy”

  1. Rina Says:

    Gotta ask how you stack your nesting bowls so that they are displayed so nicely?? How are they raised up? LOVE your living room.

  2. Evelyn Says:

    Wow! Your place looks so nice. Very jealous :)

  3. linda Says:

    I need to send you a pic one of these days because I have the same Ikea cabinet and use it to store my Pyrex as well. But I have to share the cubes with our books. Your home is very lovely.

  4. Megan Says:

    I stack my pyrex bowls with pieces of styrofoam I got the craft store.. Sturdy and effective.