Pyrex on the Cheap

Sunday May 18, 2008

We’ve been trying to cut down on our pyrex “acquisition” lately. Still, it’s a little difficult to pass up things when they are a pretty good deal.

These 6 mugs were about three dollars, which while not dirt cheap is pretty good for 1410 style Pyrex mugs. Usually we only see the Old Town Blue pattern in this style. Three mugs in Butterfly Gold and three mugs in Summer Impressions, Ginger. These came from a thrift shop - there were actually more but I didn’t pick up all of them.

Pyrex 1410 Mugs

Then there are the odd finds where people just think the pattern is too common, or maybe they think it’s a newer item. For the casserole below, I thought the LID was 25 cents. When I picked it up and there was no price, I realized the entire casserole was a quarter. It looked brand new. This is a standard Spring Blossom #472 1.5 pint Bake Serve Store casserole.

Pyrex 472 Spring Blossom

Granted they aren’t extremely rare or promo items, but it’s fun to come away from a garage sale with something substantial and that you can use everday that isn’t cheap plastic.

7 Responses to “Pyrex on the Cheap”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Oh my goodness, I absolutely love the Summer Impressions mugs! I really do need to start drinking more hot beverages, if only to justify buying more Pyrex. :)

  2. Melodie Caro Says:

    25 cents! What a find! Congrats!

  3. Dodie Daniel McCrady Says:

    Love your sight especially since I’ve been buying/selling Pyrex for decades. I have most all the Spring Blossom Green aka Crazy Daisy dinnerware & bakeware pieces. I recently found the sugar/creamer in the original box with the K-mart sticker price for $11.99; paid $1.00. Keep up the good work. Blessed be

  4. Joel Says:

    My pyrex collection has gotten so out of hand that I’ve relegated myself to only buy solid-color pieces. I kept coming across those bargains (like your 25-cent casserole) that I just couldn’t resist, and before I knew it I had boxes full of the stuff. I came to find that they don’t sell well at garage sales; and with ebay, it cost just as much to ship the stuff as it is to buy or sell it - too much trouble.
    I’m really happy to see that some of the younger generation (I”m 48) really like those “cool” things from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, pyrex included; that’s why a nice young lady got my complete set of spring blossom pieces for twenty bucks (this included S&P shakers, graduated casserole set w/lids, covered butter dish, cake pan and loaf pan, cinderella bowl set, etc.) She loved it!

  5. Suzy Says:

    I am so glad I found this site my mom always regrets accidentaly breaking one of her bowls and I will know tomorrow after the auction is up if she is getting if cor christmas or not.

  6. Diane Duvo Says:

    Hello all!

    My fiancee and I are constantly on the hunt for vintage Pyrex deals, and we keep finding them!

    My latest find: A Pyrex Silex coffee maker. This is the hourglass shaped coffee pot with the bamboo (?) band around the middle, tied with a leather strap. These are going for around $50.00 on eBay; we picked ours up for $1.99 at Goodwill! NOTHING wrong with it, and it’s in near mint condition.

    We frequent our Goodwill so often that the clerks know us by name and always say to us, “See you two tomorrow!”.

  7. Diane Duvo Says:

    OOps, BIG mistake on the coffee maker/pot thing. It’s a CHEMEX, not a Silex. I am still looking for a good deal on a Silex.