There has been a great thread going on the pyrexlove Flickr site about vintage pyrex shown noticed on TV, commercials, film and in other advertisements. We decided to try and re-list them all here for posterity and for those who don’t use Flickr. If you know of Pyrex that has appeared in any sort of media (modern or not), please let us know what show, movie or commercial it was in - as well the pattern and shape it was. It’s helpful (but not necessary) if you know the particular show of the series as well. It would be even better if you could submit a capture of the particular piece of Pyrex on the show!

TV Shows

Rachel Ray’s 30 Minute meals (various episodes)
- New Dots Bowls
- Designs (Arches) Bowls
- Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowls
- Holiday Casserole bowl

Alton Brown (various episodes)
- Red Primary Colors bowl
- Pyrex Custard Cups
- Pyrex Measuring Cups

Throwdown w/ Bobby Flay (Meatloaf Episode)
- Butterprint Cinderella 4 qt mixing bowl

Gray’s Anatomy
- Spring Blossom Green 4 qt mixing bowl

That 70s Show (various episodes)
- Verde Cinderella Mixing bowl
- Spring Blossom Green Mixing Bowls
- Square Flowers casserole

Seinfeld (various episodes)
- Autumn Harvest mixing bowl (used for popcorn)

Andy Griffith Show (various episodes)
- Flameware Coffee Pot

Flight of the Conchords - HBO (opening credits)
- Autumn Harvest 402 Mixing Bowl

Judging Amy (coffee shop scene, Maxine, Jared Duff)
- Bluegrass Restaurant Ware

I Love Lucy (various episodes)
- Primary Colors mixing bowls
- Various other Pyrex mixing bowls

Cold Case (various episodes)
- Red, Yellow Cinderella Mixing bowls

Sex In The City (various episodes)
- Gooseberry Mixing Bowls

Third Watch (”Exposing Faith”)
- Butterfly Gold Cereal Bowls


Cingular Commercial
- Butterfly Gold Mixing Bowl

Hidden Valley Ranch (2007, park, picnic table)
- Various Pyrex pieces

Marie Callenders Pot Pie (2007, grandma w/ kitchen)
- Spring Blossom Green Cinderella mixing bowl
- Verde Cinderella mixing bowl


Waitress (2007)
- Various Pyrex items

Guess Who (2005)
- Autumn Harvest 404 Mixing Bowl

Sideways (2004)
- Various Pyrex items

Donnie Brasco (1997)
- Spring Blossom 444 Cinderella Mixing Bowl

Imitation of Life (1959)
- Pyrex Hostess Bowls