Pattern: Terra
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Terra is one of the more interesting patterns which was introduced in the 60s. It's characterized by a very dark chocolate brown finish that has lighter orange-brown lines seemingly "scratched" into it. The lines almost appear to be randomly distributed and of random width. The main dark brown finish is very matte in feel - it feels like a handcrafted unfinished glaze. This pattern came in the normal mixing bowls and casseroles but also featured several dinnerware items including handle-less mugs, 9/12" plates and salad bowls. Also known as: Brown Lines, Terra Cotta, Brown Terra, Earth.
Item Type: Dinner Plate 12 Inch
Years Manufactured: 1964 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #357 (12 inch)
Original Box#s: 36-T

I’ve seen a few auctions with these Pyrex 12 inch dinner plates in boxes, but don’t know too much about them. The ones I’ve seen have all been offered boxed as separate pieces (one plate per box?) which is interesting for dinnerware. I don’t know if they were also sold in sets. I’ve seen the individual box number as 36-T before, and someone refer to the backstamp as #357 but haven’t been able to confirm that for sure. That is interesting if it is that number, because it would seem to belong to range reserved for the Tableware “lightweight” shapes.

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