Pattern: Solid Colors
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various color shades, but all completely solid colored on the Pyrex item. Also known as: Primary Colors, Multi-Colored, Yellow Red Green Blue
Item Type: 525/410 Series Hostess Oven and Table set
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #525 (2.5 quart) #410 (12 oz) #525-C for lid if exists
Original Box#s: #430

Pyrex Love - Hostess Oven Table Set Red

We have done quite a bit of research on these Square “Hostess” Pyrex sets before feeling confident we knew enough about them to post. There is still some confusion about the sizes and whether or not a particular piece had a lid. Much of the confusion stems from the fact that Pyrex also sold the larger bowls separately from the smaller ones. But we’re just going to post what we think is the correct information for the sets. If it changes we’ll update the reference.

These red square bowls were most often sold as sets called “Hostess Oven-and Table Sets”. There are 5 bowls in this set as boxed, one large red square 2.5 quart bowl and 4 smaller 12 oz. bowls or ramekins. The numbers on the bowls are 525-B (there is sometimes a “-025″ after that number) for the larger one, and #410 for the smaller ones. The actual stamps on the bottom can also vary widely - we have at least 4 different types of stamps on the bottom of our smaller square bowls.

Pyrex Love - Hostess Oven Table Set Red BoxIn the particular set as pictured, the large bowl did NOT come with a lid. This is not to say that there weren’t sets sold with lids - but we haven’t come across an advertisement or original box for this size that had one with lid. The key is that in the smaller size sets (1.5 qt and 7oz bowls) which were called “Casserole-and-Table” sets, the lid WAS sold with it. We really need some official clarification from someone who has all possible variations of the sets IN BOX… please let us know if you have many of these sets and can give some definite facts on the different types they had.

What we have definitely seen is the 2.5 quart red square bowl being sold separately but WITH lid. The few pieces in box that we have seen were listed as #525-I Red Pyrex Hostess Covered Casserole. To avoid confusion since this is basically the same item as the one in the set, we aren’t going to have separate entries for them.

The lid on these hostess pieces, when found, is very interesting because the top is entirely covered with the red glaze. It also has tab handles on either side, and the number 525-C is printed on the underside of the tab handle. Because of the large red surface area of the lid, it is VERY susceptible to scratches which are much more noticeable. The sides of the lid are also susceptible to chips which again you will notice more of the time. Keep this in mind when looking for them on Ebay - lids in perfect condition may be worth your time to look for.

For more info on the smaller sized set, check out the entry on the Red Hostess Casserole and Table Set

We actually only have the large square bowl below - the smaller ramekin/bowls seem to be more difficult to find in red than in yellow. It is also fairly difficult to find any of these pieces without scratches - they seem particularly susceptible to them.

Pyrex Love - Hostess Oven Table Set Red WITH LID

Update 10/07: We actually did find a few of the 12 oz. small red bowls at the thrift - thought they aren’t in the best of shape (and at least one appears to be dishwashed), below is a picture of what they look like. These are great for ice cream!

Pyrex Love - Small Red Hostess square bowls 410

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