Item Type: Oblong Space Saver Casserole w/ Cover Series 548
Years Manufactured: Spring 1958
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Sizes and ID#s: #575 (2 quart) #550C (glass cover)

Pyrex Love - Black Rooster Space Saver

This wonderful older pattern features black Penn-Dutch type Roosters in a garden setting with sunflowers, smaller plants and a stylized sun on an opal white Space Saver size casserole. We aren’t 100% sure if this casserole came with the metal lids that we see being sold with Space Savers, but are fairly certain it came with the standard clear glass semi-domed lid without a handle. Also, it appears that this Promotional came with a brass cradle with wooden handles.

Interestingly, many people have noted that the Rooster pattern (which is not officially named but has been called this for a long time - we call it “Rooster Black” in order to definitely distinguish it from other Rooster themed patterns) seems to be “in the same family” as the ubiquitous Butterprint pattern. It should be noted that the Rooster Space Saver was released in Spring 1958, which is around the time Butterprint was introduced - so you might think that this was either a precursor or foreshadowing of that popular pattern.

The casserole is the larger size space saver - 2 quart rectangular casserole marked with number 575-B. I believe the lid is the standard 550-C.

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