Royal Daisies

Tuesday April 1, 2008

Royal Divided Dish and Pink Daises 043 - Pyrex Love

Apologies for the lack of “Pyrex Finds” posts of late. We’ve actually been holding back on buying Pyrex lately, even though we have seen a ton of it. The reason is that we are getting to the point where we already have many of the pieces that we see at the thrift. We see no reason (yet) to try and hoard multiples of these pieces and are happy to let others discover them.

Since the Pyrex Love community has grown quite a bit over the last year, we also feel no need to have to pick up Pyrex opalware items in patterns that we don’t collect simply to get a picture of the pattern for the website. This is something we have done in the past. But because our house is filling up faster than we can find room for the odd Pyrex bowl, we’ll simply ask the community to contribute the pictures of items in patterns we don’t collect.

Here are two items we recently picked up that we didn’t have yet: the first is the Royal Promotional Divided Serving Dish that we found for $4. Although it didn’t have the cradle, it was in such good condition that we couldn’t pass it up. The blue of the divided base is a deep royal blue - this color seems a bit deeper than the Horizon Blue pieces. The clear cover has wonderful designs in gold leaf - remember to take care when washing those clear Pyrex items that have gold leaf or printed patterns. These are very susceptible to wear.

The other item we ended up getting was this 043 oval casserole in the Pink Daisy pattern. As usual, ours didn’t have a lid - but we didn’t mind since we have a few extras and the lids for these items aren’t decorated. This is the second item in the Pink Daisy (sometimes referred to in the catalogs as “WD” or “White Daisy” on Pink) pattern that we’ve come across.

4 Responses to “Royal Daisies”

  1. Amy Says:

    Gosh you’re so lucky being able to find so much where you are, here in NZ it’s really hard to get quality pieces :-)

  2. angie kokesh Says:

    Hey i notices the royal promotional dish you have. I wanted to let you know I have one with the cradle and is in the original box. Perfect condition.

  3. Colette Says:

    HI great website, I will be putting it on my favorites and visiting often. Im 3 year collector of pyrex so I dont have that many pieces yet but Im getting there! Yesterday I picked up coffee perculator that I belive dates from the 50’s/60’s for $12 canadian. A real bargain! I took it apart and gave it a good clean and we had our first cup of coffee tonite. Only thing is I used a filter in it do I need to? I wasnt sure but it works the same as our camping perc and we use a filter in that so I used one! I also picked up a purple glass loaf dish any dates on that??

  4. pyrex love Says:

    amy - do you ever find the Agee pieces? There are some really nice ones, we have never found any of those here - maybe you could collect those!

    angie - keep that box, its worth much with it!

    colette - We’ve never used a filter in ours, but I don’t know if it would hurt to do it (or change the taste of the coffee).