Item Type: Promotional Divided Dish Casserole Series 963
Years Manufactured: 1961
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 53

Royal Promo Cass - Pyrex Love

This is a 1961 promotional blue colored divided serving dish that came with a clear lid with the pattern shown on the top. We recently came across this item for cheap and purchased it even though it didn’t have its cradle.

The pattern consists of three goldleaf flower or rosette medallions, the two on the side being smaller, though identical to the larger one in the middle. Each medallion is surrounded by a circle of dots. In addition, there are four smaller concentric circle patterns between the larger and smaller medallions. The dish itself is a standard divided dish in a really nice solid blue color that has no designs on it. This blue is different than Horizon Blue. The bottom is not marked as is often the case with divided dishes - it is a standard 1 1/2 quart model 963/063 size. There was also a gold toned cradle that had flattened wooden handles that came with the serving dish.

Royal Serving Dish - Pyrex LoveWe have seen several original bright blue boxes for this item with the pattern on it in bright blue. It was called a “Royal Serving Dish”, which is again a bit ambiguous because there is a pattern called “Royal Wheat” which is ALSO a promo divided dish pattern. Sometimes we feel like someone at Corning was taking great delight in coming up with pattern names that would confuse collectors down the line… In any case, we were tempted to call this “Royal Blue” to distinguish it, but we’ll just leave it as “Royal” in the pattern ref page for now.

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