Item Type: Advertising Tableware Coffee Mugs Series 723
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Sizes and ID#s: #723

Safety and Health Mug - Pyrex Love

This is a promotional or advertising giveaway pyrex mug in the #723 tableware style (sometimes referred to as a St. Denis shape). We picked this up because we see less of the promo mugs in the #723 than the #1410 diagonal handle shape.

One side of the mug has a familiar “Q” apple symbol seen on many other promo items found near Charleroi, PA. Other ones we’ve found include the diagonal handle “Total Quality” mug and “Family Day” mugs. Inside of the Q are the words Fundamentals of Safety and Health.

Safety and Health Mug - Pyrex Love

The other side of the mug has a simple figure with an elongated arm that is turned into a “P” (presumably for Pyrex?). It also has the words “attitude, responsibility, awareness, accountability” written next to it. They’ve used a dark green writing on this mug - I actually had thought it was in black from far away. In the pictures, it doesn’t really look green - sorry, it was the lighting that was bad.

The bottom of the mug is marked with the “Pyrex brand tableware by Corning 723″ stamp. I’m thinking this is probably from the 70s-80s because the Q apple logo appears on dated promo giveaway items from that period.

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