Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Bowl Series 444
Years Manufactured: 1960
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Sizes and ID#s: #444 (4 quart)
Original Box#s: 444SB

Pyrex Love - Salad Bowl Promotional with Tongs

Once again, Corning is responsible for the somewhat boring and ambiguous name for this lovely and unusually colored Cinderella 4 quart promotional bowl. It actually features the outlined shapes of mostly fruits instead of vegetables (which is the reason many people call it “Fruit Salad” - we debated whether to call it that in the reference but finally went with the boring old “Salad Bowl” designation). The fruits include pears, cherries, apples, peaches(?) and strawberries. The bowl itself is an interesting teal green color with the fruit illustrations done in white. It’s a standard 444 4 quart cinderella style bowl that came with clear serving tongs. To our knowledge this is the only item with that exact pattern and color combination.

Pyrex Love - Salad Bowl BoxThey didn’t really give it a name, but we have seen several original boxes for it so we’re pretty sure that’s how it went (this box snippet reads: “Salad Bowl With Serving Tongs 4 Quart 444SB” and we assume SB stands for Salad Bowl).

There is an interesting hidden picture within the pattern that you can actually see above. This was brought to our attention by Merebearlandon who also contributed the pictures of this item. Right in the middle of the pattern is a leaf covering up a pear. If you look at the portion of the pear that is not covered, you’ll see a “baby” sitting sideways with arm outstretched!

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