Pattern: Advertising / Specialty
Identifiers / Alternate Names: This category includes pyrex items that were customized for companies, produced for advertising purposes, or made for special events such as one time employee gatherings. While there might not be much distinction between this category and the "Promotional / Unknown" category, we felt that because of the large number of advertising items (mugs in particular) that they should be placed in their own category to avoid cluttering the already crowded promotional category. In most cases, these items are not sets but single items.
Item Type: Advertising Standard D Handle Coffee Mugs
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: No number (300 ml)

Pyrex Love Xmas Mug

These “Season’s Greetings” Pyrex mugs are extremely popular, especially around the holiday season! They are a standard D-Handle style Pyrex mug that holds 300ml and while they are more common than some of the other promotional and advertising mugs, they command a bit of a premium because they’re so well liked.

The front of the mug features the words “Season’s Greetings” in nice flowing green and red script. The other side has three green holly leaves and berries and a distinctive mini Red Santa with mustache and beard riding on a red candy cane. Quite a nice cheerful cup to serve that egg nog in!

I think there is also a creamer in this style and perhaps other dinnerware items even, but we see the cups most frequently.

Pyrex Love Xmas Mug 2

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