Pattern: Snowflake
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Eloquent 6 sided snowflakes in 2 lines along the side of the item. There are different color schemes this pattern appears in: turquoise on white, white on turquoise and white on black (called "Charcoal"), with the latter being the least common. We have also seen a casserole with white snowflakes on PINK that we believe was Crown Pyrex. The snowflakes alternate large and small in the pattern. See "Snowflake Blue" for a different pattern that is distinct, although people often lump them together. Also known as: Winter, Black Snowflakes, Snowflake Blue.
Item Type: Divided Dish Casserole Series 963
Years Manufactured: 1957 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #963, #945 Cover(?)
Original Box#s: 963-OTS, 963-19WS, 963-20WS

Pyrex Love - Charcoal Snowflake Divided Dish

Once again, we are listing all varieties of the “Snowflake” Divided Dish on the same page. This includes the Turquoise on White (963-OTS), White on Turquoise (963-19WS) and Charcoal (963-20WS). The latter is the one we have pictured at the top. The Charcoal color is actually a pure black color that has an interesting matte finish, similar to the Terra pattern. We have seen a dealer advert in the Rogove / Steinhauer book that had all of the different varieties listed along with numbers.

Below is a box picture for the Charcoal Divided Dish:

Pyrex Love - Charcoal Snowflake Divided Dish

The divided dish that we picked up came with a casserole cover that was “divided” as well, and had number #945. We still aren’t sure if all divided dishes came with divided lids, or if that was only the case with clear lids, or if it was mixed.

Pyrex Love - Charcoal Snowflake Divided Dish

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