Snowflake Pyrex on Mad Men

Tuesday July 27, 2010

Snowflake Pyrex on Madmen

So just a quickie post - we’ve been huge fans of AMC’s Mad Men series. Since the show is based in the 1960s and they pay really close attention to accurate set decor, every so often, we spot some vintage Pyrex being used in the show.

We’ve seen the Green Wheat Pyrex promo before in the show, but this time around it was a Turquoise Snowflake Oval Casserole that was the star for quite a long scene. It appeared in the premiere episode of season four - Peggy’s boyfriend was carrying it while she was talking to Don. The shot above is actually a screen-cap from some of the behind the scenes footage from the website. They have nicer photos from that episode, but none of the scene with the casserole.

Thanks to all the fans who also wrote in telling us about it. It appears that everyone’s “Pyrex radar” is working just fine!

8 Responses to “Snowflake Pyrex on Mad Men”

  1. Jenifir Says:

    People have great eyes! I love Mad Men too: It is a feast of eye candy. Turquoise Snowflake is newest must hunt for pattern in my collection.

  2. Jessi Says:

    I have some fantstic pyrex scences for you! In Adventureland, there is a scene at the very end of the movie where kristen stewart and her boyfriend are in an old NY appt. and there is a bowl on the counter and then there is a pink mixing bowl in the cupboard when she opens it! check it out :) Also you have to listen to Jay-Z’s song forever young, he has a line that says something like, my name will be forever remembered and passed down from generations like Pyrex pots~Awesome!!

  3. crcmen Says:

    On last weeks episode Betty Draper’s friend brought over a bowl and it was a Pyrex 404 red fade to orange. Those are sooooo hard to find!

  4. Lauren Says:

    I saw some orange pyrex bowls in a scene from “the karate kid” (the OLD one!) sitting on a kitchen counter (when mr Myagi comes to fix the kitchen sink). I also saw some in “what women want” when Mel Gibson goes to the apartment of the “sad girl”. You can see some of the red mixing bowls on a shelf behind him. :)

  5. Teri Says:

    Lots of Pyrex in the dinner scene in The Lovely Bones, too.

  6. blondiesvintage Says:

    Just found your blog, love it!

  7. Jill Says:

    Pyrex in the Gallagher kitchen on”Shameless” last night - red Primary bowl, Old Orchard bowl and canisters with the Vegetables pattern. Neat!!!

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I have that oval Turquoise Snowflake casserole - with the lid!! It was my mother-in-laws and we inherited it!! I LOVE it!!!