Item Type: Promotional Mixing Bowl Chip & Dip Set Series 395(?)
Years Manufactured: Fall 1965
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Sizes and ID#s: #708 Tableware Bowl (10 oz), #404 (4 quart)

I don’t want to call this Mixing Bowl Chip and Dip set “boring”, but, well I’ve seen a lot more interesting designs than this. It actually reminds me a lot of certain of the Pyrex Tableware patterns. The bowls are simply dark brown speckled on tan to beige with two dark brown lines on them. That’s it. If it weren’t for the fact that it was sold as a chip & dip set, it’d be even more unremarkable.

There are two bowls in the set, the larger 4 quart #404 chip bowl and the smaller 1.5 pint #401 #708 10oz 4 7/8″ dip bowl. We only recently realized that the smaller chip bowl is not a 401 but a shallower piece of Tableware after actually finding it at a thrift shop. This is quite a bit smaller than a 401 or 441 bowl. Here’s a recent pic of that bowl we found:

Pyrex Love - Speckle Lines Promo Tableware from Chip Dip Set

This pattern is sometimes known simple as Speckle but we’ve renamed it to “Speckle Lines” to avoid confusion with the other common tan speckle pattern which is Homestead. Not that you’ll be getting them confused; two dark brown lines = Speckle Lines.

The most interesting thing for me about this set is that instead of the usual wire hanger for the small bowl to connect to the larger bowl, it came with an actual wooden plate or disc that held the bowl (I’ve seen it in 3 pics so far, so I’m assuming that the wooden base came with it). The wooden base actually has a notch cut into it so it can rest directly on the edge of the larger bowl.

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