Item Type: Cinderella Oval Casserole 043/943 Series
Years Manufactured: 1970s
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Sizes and ID#s: #043 (1.5 L)
Original Box#s: 4375(?)

Pyrex Love - Spices Promo Casserole

This is a wonderful tan-beige promotional casserole that is known as Spices… in this one particular case, it actually IS the real name of the pattern - we’ve seen original boxes that actually say “spices” on the box. We believe this promotional pattern is from the 70s because of the way the box looks and because of the fact that the capacity given on the bottom is in metric. Interestingly, the box we saw also said “Pyrex Designer” and then another word we couldn’t read (”pattern”?) - if anyone can clarify that with an original box picture we’d like to know - we also couldn’t read the box number clearly.

The color of the promotional casserole is an interesting tan or beige that is similar to the Sandalwood pattern and also to the promo casserole called “Berries”. In fact, I think a lot of people confuse think this pattern is actually part of Sandalwood. The pattern is actually a bunch or bouquet of different herbs in fired on white. It’s not actually clear what all of the spices are, but there are flower and leafy items, things that look sort of like chili peppers on stalks, and berries. The whole thing is tied up with a dotty ribbon. The best part of the pattern is that right next to the ribbon the word “Spices” is written in script.

Pyrex Love - Spices Promo Casserole

The pattern appears on both sides of the casserole, which apparently came with a oval wooden trivet instead of the standard white handled brass cradle you see a lot of times. The one we got did not have the trivet, but it did have the standard clear 943-C lid. We are fairly sure this is a later issue because the bottom stamp is the newer “rectangular” variety as opposed to the older circular one you see on most vintage Pyrex.

We have seen a blurry picture of the bottom of the trivet, and we could barely make out the following words (not sure if the number is correct): “4372 - M / For Use With Pyrex Ware 043 Opal Casserole / To Clean: Wipe With Damp Cloth / Do Not Immerse In Water / Do Not Place In —–? / Do Not Use In The Oven / Occasionally Wipe With Mineral Oil / Corning Glass Works / Corning U.S.A”.

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