Pattern: Spring Blossom Green
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Shares same elements of pattern with "Crazy Daisy", and is often counted as variations of one pattern with Crazy Daisy being the "earlier" version. Solid and outlined green flowers on white (or reversed) are the basic pattern. Spring Blossom often has fan-shaped 4 leaf clusters instead of three leaf ones as well as dots that are both colored in and hollow. There are no single leaf motifs as well. Also known as: Crazy Daisy, Daisy Flowers, Spring Daisies, Green Flowers
Item Type: C Handle Coffee Tea Mugs
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: No Number (10 oz)

Spring Blossom Tea-Mug Cup - Pyrex Love

Once again, we’ve called these Spring Blossom cups “coffee-tea mugs” because they seem they could be used for either purpose. Ours are marked Pyrex Microwave Safe on the back and hold 9-10 oz. As far as common patterns go, Spring Blossom enjoys popularity over some of the other common patterns. These were meant to be compatible with Corelle items. The Spring Blossom pattern around the rim is very similar to the 1410 Mug in this pattern.

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