Pattern: Spring Blossom Green
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Shares same elements of pattern with "Crazy Daisy", and is often counted as variations of one pattern with Crazy Daisy being the "earlier" version. Solid and outlined green flowers on white (or reversed) are the basic pattern. Spring Blossom often has fan-shaped 4 leaf clusters instead of three leaf ones as well as dots that are both colored in and hollow. There are no single leaf motifs as well. Also known as: Crazy Daisy, Daisy Flowers, Spring Daisies, Green Flowers
Item Type: Diagonal Handle Coffee Mugs
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #1410 (300 ml or 9oz)
Original Box#s: 1410-1

Spring Blossom 1410 Mug - Pyrex Love

These are standard 1410 style opal white mugs that feature the familiar Spring Blossom Green (or Crazy Daisy, if you prefer) pattern around the rim in a dark olive green color. We have seen some original boxes of these popular items so we know they came in sets of 4 usually and were 9 oz mugs. The stamp on the bottom of our diagonal handle Spring Blossom mug says “No. 1410 Pyrex Microwave” - there is no capacity on it.

Even thought the mug is fairly common, this is one of the more collected common patterns (seems to be just behind Snowflake Blue) and as such they can go for slightly more compared to Old Town Blue and others.

The mugs were meant to be compatible with Corelle dinnerware in Spring Blossom green. Interestingly, we’ve noted that the Spring Blossom “pattern” looks more similar to the pattern on the Corelle dinnerware plates than on normal Pyrex Spring Blossom items. That whole controversy with the 3 leaves versus 4 leaves for some of the different Pyrex items - the dinnerware items and this mug have a icon that has FIVE leaves. (It is the same on the Creamer and Sugar too) I guess there will always be some confusion with the variations with this pattern - they are all the same pattern in the end though.

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