Pattern: Spring Blossom Green
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Shares same elements of pattern with "Crazy Daisy", and is often counted as variations of one pattern with Crazy Daisy being the "earlier" version. Solid and outlined green flowers on white (or reversed) are the basic pattern. Spring Blossom often has fan-shaped 4 leaf clusters instead of three leaf ones as well as dots that are both colored in and hollow. There are no single leaf motifs as well. Also known as: Crazy Daisy, Daisy Flowers, Spring Daisies, Green Flowers
Item Type: Pointed Top Salt and Pepper Shaker
Years Manufactured: 1970s-?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: No Number

Pyrex Love - Spring Blossom ShakerI know there are at least two different varieties of these pointed top Salt and Pepper shaker sets in the Spring Blossom Green pattern… the one that we have is like the one at left with a completely clear body and the spring blossom pattern at the bottom. Another one we have seen has part of the body in white, but the bottom of the shaker is clear. In both cases, the pointy agitator tops are the same olive green color of the Spring Blossom pattern.

These were made as “Compatibles” for dinnerware and came in sets of two. The glass shaker itself does not have the Pyrex mark, although the pointed tops are marked (see our other Pyrex Gold Band Shaker for more info).

The other day, I just noticed that the Spring Blossom pattern that runs around the edge of the shaker is actually slightly different than the standard pattern on kitchen items like the bowls. We already know there are two versions of Spring Blossom (one of which still gets confused and called Crazy Daisy to this day), but these are also different. I believe they were meant to match the pattern on the Spring Blossom on Corelle Plates which we have a couple of. The main difference is that the “gingko leaf” seems to have FIVE petals instead of four. I didn’t notice it for the longest time.

As we’ve said before, these shakers are pretty common, so don’t go overpaying for them. You might be able to find them at the local thrift shop. Often the ones you’ll find are missing lids (as ours) and it’s more rare to find them in pairs.

Pyrex Love - Spring Blossom Shaker

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