Spring Blossom in Fall

Tuesday October 9, 2007

Spring Blossom in the Fall - Pyrex Love

We got lucky recently and picked up a few more Spring Blossom Green Pyrex items to add to our growing collection of this pattern. First up is a Diagonal Handle mug in this pattern, which we’ve been wanting for quite awhile. It was sitting all by itself on the shelf at the thrift for a buck. These are the standard 1410 style mugs that we love to collect. Next, on the right, we found a slightly battered 401 Spring Blossom Green bowl in the older newer style pattern. The bowl had seen better days but was worth a pickup at a dollar. This is the pattern with the 3 leaf cluster, the bowl is also a slightly lighter shade of olive green. And lastly, we got another one of the Spring Blossom green Bake-Serve-Store casseroles (which is the old pattern). We haven’t had time to put it up in the actual ref yet. This one is quite shallow and holds only 1 pint - it is a standard #471 size. We’ve found a good alternate use for this casserole is as a large soup bowl. It came sans lid but we decided to get it anyway for $2.

5 Responses to “Spring Blossom in Fall”

  1. Bill Says:

    I’m getting really confused about Spring Blossom. I thought that the pattern on the casserole on the left was the older pattern. But now I see by the thickness of the bowl on the right that that is an older pattern… Did that set come in 4 different shades of green? I have the Spring Blossom set, but it’s the bigger flowers, and they’re all avocado color… Please help!!

  2. pyrex love Says:

    Bill - sorry for the confusion - it appears in some places we had been calling the “three leaf” pattern the older pattern when it was really the newer one. Actually, many other people have been calling it this too! We came to realize it in a few discussions on the flickr group.

    You are correct, the casserole on the left is the older pattern (large flowers). The bowl on the right is a newer pattern - but you are right that it is strange that the bowl is thicker. The marking on the bottom is metric. As far as I know, the newer 3 leaf pattern mixing bowls have 3 bowls, with 2 shades of green. The older pattern with the large flowers alternated in white and green and there were 4 bowls. I’m not aware of a 4 bowl set in the older pattern that came in all avocado green… wow, Spring Blossom is really confusing. We need some company official to step in and magically say Here Are All The Answers!

  3. Robyn Says:

    I wish I knew someone who wanted this pattern, recently there has been a glut at the thrift, and I don’t care for it…just today, there was a small refigerator dish, a set of six mugs like the one pictured, and 4 cinderella bowls/casseroles, all in perfect condition for 50% off. Ugh, I am NOT buying for ebay anymore. Why can’t I find MY patterns??? :)

  4. pyrex love Says:

    robyn - hehe, I think I hear what you’re saying. I tend to see a ton of Homestead and Colonial Mist for cheap but we just don’t collect it. Forget ebaying them (it’s not worth it) - actually, how about getting them as gifts for others? I find this makes me feel pretty good - if you’re getting it from the Salv army or Goodwill so you’re helping out a worthy cause, and you’re possibly getting a gift for someone that can’t be bought in a store. And after all, it IS the season of giving. =)

  5. JT Says:

    actually I love this pattern. I have the small casserole dish shown. Picked it up in a local flea market for a couple bucks. One of my most useful little dishes. Wish I saw more of it around. Although I am not collecting a pattern just useful pieces that I like