Pattern: Square Flowers
Identifiers / Alternate Names: The Square Flowers pattern features 4 petaled flowers or clovers in a squarish configuration. It appears in two possible colors - verde green on white and darker orange on yellow-orange. We are listing this pattern separately even though its exact origin is unknown up to this point: several original boxes that had green square flowers on them were marked as "Verde" which adds to the confusion. The pattern has been noted on a variety of different items. The extent of the orange version of the square flowers is not known - it seems to appear mostly on round casseroles, but we don't know if it is a promotional-only item or not. Also known as: Dutch Clover, Green Flower, Avocado
Item Type: Cinderella Divided Dish Series 963
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Sizes and ID#s: #963/1063 (1.5 quart)

Pyrex Love - Square Flowers Green Div Dish

There are a number of Pyrex items with the so-called Square Flowers pattern. This is a standard divided dish that has the pattern in verde green color on each of the sides. There are 7 of the stylized square flowers on each of the sides.

As we’ve said many times, “Square Flowers” is not an official name, but so many people have used this name for this pattern that we’ve called it that also. There are rumors, and some proof actually, that the “green” version of the square flowers were sold in boxes that were marked as “Verde”. To avoid confusion with that other pattern, we’ve listed this under Square Flowers and will continue to list it here even if conclusive proof is found that it is part of the Verde set.

Our opinion is that Pyrex marked the boxes as “Verde” to indicate the COLOR and not the pattern, and somewhere along the way it got confused as the actual pattern name. This happens on MANY Pyrex older pieces, especially Promotional items which were unfortunately labeled with generic names like “Decorator” casseroles. It’s not their fault, however - how could they have guessed that one day people would be collecting this stuff!

Pyrex Love - Square Flowers Green Div Dish Closeup

The divided dish is a standard 1.5 quart size, and as is the case with nearly all divided dish bases it is not given a number - though it’s known to be a 963/1063 number. I believe this came with a standard clear cover.

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