Item Type: Oblong Space Saver Casserole w/ Cover Series 548
Years Manufactured: 1960
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #575 (2 quart) #550C (glass cover)

Starburst Space Saver Promotional Casserole - Pyrex Love

This is one of my favorite casseroles which we’ve yet to acquire. The photo above was contributed by Jade-Li. The main pattern is just a single large 8 point star or starburst in goldleaf on a light turquoise background. The horizontal points of the star are longer than the other points and extend along the side of the casserole. This is a standard space saver style casserole with a 550C type clear lid. It came with a dual candle warmer cradle that had white handles (as opposed to the wooden ones seen with a few of the other space savers). I don’t believe they used this large starburst pattern on any other promotional casserole - except I once thought that I saw an identical casserole that was black or dark blue in color on Ebay. I’m not sure if that was just a bad picture, though.

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