Item Type: Diagonal Handle Coffee Mugs Series 1410
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Sizes and ID#s: #1410 (300 ml)

Summer Impressions Blueberry Mug

This pattern is known as Blueberry and is part of the Summer Impressions pattern line of which there are 2 other identical patterns (Ginger, Honeydew) that are just different colors. These were Compatibles that were meant to go with Corelle patterns. There were also tea-cup style mugs and creamer / sugars in this pattern, but no butter dishes or gravy boats.

They are marked as #1410, 300ml, Pyrex on the bottom of the mug. It’s a standard diagonal handle style mug. The pattern is hardly ever called “Summer Impressions” by sellers on Ebay - and they seem to get the name “Blueberry” correct only about 1/2 the time. The blue flowers and leaves are a very dark navy color.

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