Pattern: Town & Country
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Town and Country contains quite a few different variations in color and pattern. The basic pattern is a take off on the Pennsylvania Dutch hex motifs, with alternating orange EIGHT-point (not six as some say) "stars" in circles composed of Xs and smaller brown eight-point stars. In between the two are two plus signs made out of the same brown Xs. The other major pattern is just the smaller brown eight-point stars in a row. Some items contain the first pattern, but with all motifs in brown with no orange. Also known as: Pennsylvania Dutch Hex, Brown Orange Stars, Old Towne (incorrect, see that pattern).
Item Type: Cinderella Mixing Bowls Set Series 440
Years Manufactured: 1963 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #441 orange on white or solid brown (1.5 pint) #442 brown on white or solid orange (1.5 quart) #443 orange on white or solid yellow (2.5 quart) #444 brown on white, or orange AND brown on white (4 quart)
Original Box#s: 440-11

Pyrex Love - Town n Country Cind

The Town and Country Cinderella Mixing bowls are interesting set. There are two set “variations” possible. One contains standard alternating colors in the Town and Country Penn-Dutch symbol patterns. These are your standard sized 441-444 bowls of 1.5 pint, 1.5 quart, 2.5 quart and 4 quart variety with the 1st and 3rd being orange on white and the 2nd and 4th being brown on white.

However, the other variation has a color scheme is completely non symmetrical, at least for one o. In fact, it is such an odd one that when we first started looking at Pyrex sets we thought that for sure the 4 bowls sets being sold were taken from other sets and put together with one of the normal Town and Country bowls. However, we’ve now come to the conclusion that it’s a true set because we’ve seen several that were in original boxes.

The pictures on this page of the boxed set in question are all courtesy of
Lorraine from Black Dog Kitchen Collectibles.

Pyrex Love - Town n Country Cind

The color scheme goes: #441 solid brown, #442 solid orange, #443 solid yellow and #444 orange and brown Town and Country pattern on white. The original box these were in was labeled 440-11. Actually, there’s a photo below of the Town and Country box insert that came with it which shows the odd color scheme. Interestingly, the insert does not show the “normal” scheme of alternating colored patterns.

Pyrex Love - Town n Country Cind 3

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