Pattern: Town & Country
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Town and Country contains quite a few different variations in color and pattern. The basic pattern is a take off on the Pennsylvania Dutch hex motifs, with alternating orange EIGHT-point (not six as some say) "stars" in circles composed of Xs and smaller brown eight-point stars. In between the two are two plus signs made out of the same brown Xs. The other major pattern is just the smaller brown eight-point stars in a row. Some items contain the first pattern, but with all motifs in brown with no orange. Also known as: Pennsylvania Dutch Hex, Brown Orange Stars, Old Towne (incorrect, see that pattern).
Item Type: 963 Series Cinderella Divided Dish
Years Manufactured: 1963 - ?
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Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart) oval casserole
Original Box#s: 963-11

There are two major variations of this Town & Country design divided dish that we know about. The first is the standard alternating Penn Dutch hex signs in orange and brown. The second has ONLY brown signs in the pattern. Not sure if there are others, such as solid colors as in the mixing bowls.

Both variations have the #963 and are 1.5 quarts. These came only with clear glass lids as far as we know. Town and Country is a relatively common pattern, and not as popular with collectors, so you can afford to be picky when buying them. I’ve actually seen several of them in the original box, which is usually orange in color. Here’s an example below of one of the boxed dishes, courtesy of
Lorraine from Black Dog Kitchen Collectibles

Pyrex Love - Town and Country Box

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