Pattern: Trailing Flowers
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Trailing Flowers is not the official name but one we temporarily have given to this pattern. We are unsure whether this is a promotional item or not. It features a simple trailing vine plant that has flowers and leaf clusters on it. The colors we have seen include a rust red pattern on a cream colored base and the reverse of that as well. Also known as: Vines, Trailing Rouge, Bake 'N Carry
Item Type: 480 (470) Series Cinderella Round Casserole
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Sizes and ID#s: #473 (1 quart) #474 (1.5 quart) #475 (2.5 quart)

Trailing Flowers 475 casserole - Pyrex Love

This is another pattern that there is some mystery about. First off, we have given it the name “Trailing Flowers” temporarily for now because the name on the original box is not known (or perhaps there was no name given). We also are unsure on whether this was a “regular” item or a special promotional piece. The pattern is most commonly seen in individual boxed casseroles labeled “Bake ‘N’ Carry” and include the casserole, a clear lid and an interesting quilted cloth cosy with snaps that allowed it to be carried from the oven to the table without potholders. The cozy is shaped sort of like a four leaf clover when flat, with each side being able to be wrapped around the top of the casserole.

Some of them may have also come with some sort of brass caddy stand. The date of these is not known, but having seen some of the Bake ‘N’ Carry boxes, it does seem like it is a later release in the 1980s. Interestingly, this is not the only pattern that occurred as a Bake ‘N’ Carry - we’ve definitely seen others including the Garden Medley pattern that came packaged as a Bake ‘N’ Carry.

We have seen at least two different casserole sizes and color combinations. The first is a 1.5 quart #474 casserole that has a rust red, solid colored base with the trailing flowers pattern in beige-cream color. The second is a 2.5 quart #475 casserole that has the reverse - red colored flowers on a cream background.

I seem to also recall seeing full sets of these as well - that is the 3 casserole set of 473, 474, 475 with the trailing pattern in cream color on a rust red background (and reversed). However, I can’t remember exactly - perhaps I’m thinking of a different pattern instead. For now we’ll leave this as a regular issue release instead of a promotional. If it turns out it is indeed a limited promotional that only occurred as a Bake ‘N’ Carry we’ll move it out of its own category and into the Promotional category. If you have more information or pictures regarding the pattern, we’d like to know about it.

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