Pattern: Solid Colors
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various color shades, but all completely solid colored on the Pyrex item. Also known as: Primary Colors, Multi-Colored, Yellow Red Green Blue
Item Type: 500 Series Oven-Refrigerator Dishes Set
Years Manufactured: 1950s
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #501 (1.5 cup) #502 (1.5 pint) #503 (1.5 quart)

These solid colored Turquoise Refrigerator Dishes are a particular favorite of mine. I sometimes see them getting mixed up with the #502 darker blue refrigerator box from the Primary Color set as well as the much rarer Delphite (Bluebelle) Refrigerator dishes. They are the same shade as the Turquoise 400 series mixing bowls, a lovely light turquoise blue in color.

Here’s an example of the smallest size Pyrex Turquoise Fridge Dish that we got for $4, The glass cover was slightly chipped and the color wasn’t perfect, but we couldn’t pass it up at that price:

Pyrex Love - Turquoise Fridge 501

The entire set of these features 2 #501 1 1/2 cup, 1 #502 1 1/2 pint and 1 #503 1 1/2 quart boxes with clear lids, all of the same blue color and is fairly sought after by collectors. For some reason I seem to always see the turquoise or blue refrigerator dishes without their lids - it’s almost as if people decided they looked better without them or something.

Update 7/08: Funny that I mentioned that we see these without lids frequently. Turns out, we found the #503, #502 and one #501 all without lids. That completes our set, but now we’ll have to try and find the lids! The smaller #501 in the back is the one from before that we found. By the way, I forgot to mention that I believe this set came with the “older lids” (the ones with smaller sets of lines and a larger open space in the middle).

Turquoise 500 - Pyrex Love

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