Pattern: Solid Colors
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Various color shades, but all completely solid colored on the Pyrex item. Also known as: Primary Colors, Multi-Colored, Yellow Red Green Blue
Item Type: 400 Series Turquoise Mixing Bowls Set
Years Manufactured: 1956 - ?
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #401 (1.5 pint) #402 (1.5 quart) #403 (2.5 quart) #404 (4 quart)
Original Box#s: 400-19

Turquoise 400 Bowls Set

The standard Turquoise Blue Mixing Bowls in the 400 line are fairly common but still very popular. This color, along with the Pink 400 bowl sets, seem to be more coveted than the other solid colors.

The Turquoise mixing bowl set consists of the usual items in the 400 series: 1 1/2 pint 5 1/2 inch diameter, 1 1/2 quart 7 inch diameter, 2 1/2 quart 8 1/2 inch diameter, and a 4 quart 10 inch diameter bowl. Like most of the bowl sets, the largest four quart size is often more difficult to find and you’ll often see 3 bowl “sets” that only include the smaller 3 sizes. It was also released later as a three bowl set (300 series) with the 4 quart bowl missing.

We finally saw an original 400 series box with the Turquoise Bowls the other day, which had box number 400-19. Thank you to Golly-G who provided the photo of the 4 bowls above.

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