Item Type: Promotional Cinderella Round Casserole Set Series 472
Years Manufactured: Spring 1959
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Sizes and ID#s: #472 (1.5 pint)
Original Box#s: 472-M

Twin Server Promo Set - Pyrex Love

This wonderful promotional set of casseroles features two #472 1.5 pint casseroles that came with a carrying cradle. It’s called a “Twin Server” promotional set - we have yet to find any official descriptive name for the actual pattern, so as people before us have done, we are also calling the pattern name “Twin Server”. We feel that this is not really ideal, because there is another “Buffet Twins” promotional set (although the pattern is the same, it is brown)

Thank you to Anissa (Indieshopgrrl) who provided the picture above. The main pattern for the two casseroles is an alternating pattern of a single leaf and a cluster of three leaves, with a blueish green color scheme. The color seems to start with green at the bottom of the leaf and fade into blue as it goes up.

The brass colored cradle for these casseroles is interesting because instead of two white rubber covered handles at the sides, it has a single carrying handle at the top that has a spiralling of wire around it to make it easier to grab. It sort of reminds me of the top of the Snack Server set carrying cradle. The cradle has round metal knobs on the bottom for feet. There are no candle warmers slots with this item.

The casseroles came without the usual clear lids, as far as we know.

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