Pattern: Verde
Identifiers / Alternate Names: The Verde pattern is a bit confusing because it is characterized by solid colors of various shades of green for the mixing and cinderella bowls and refrigerator boxes, but the lids of the casseroles have distinct patterns. These patterns are greenish yellow olives and leaves and occur only on the lids. There is also some confusion with the so-called "Square Flowers" pattern that was marked as "Verde" on several original Pyrex boxes. For clarity, however, we are going to differentiate between the Square Flowers pattern as Verde as two separate patterns since they are quite different in style.
Item Type: Cinderella Divided Dish Series 963
Years Manufactured: 1960s
Values: Check below on Ebay for approximate prices
Sizes and ID#s: #963 (1.5 quart)
Original Box#s: 963-16

Pyrex Love - Verde Divided Dish

Without a doubt the lid of the Verde Divided Dish has one of the most confused patterns for vintage color Pyrex. First of all, you’ll also note that we used to list this under “Solid Colors”… this was because we had originally labeled the Verde Mixing Bowls as that instead of giving it a true pattern name. Those bowls are indeed solid color and we’ve now listed those under BOTH solid colors and verde. But this divided dish will not be listed not as “solid colors” but as “Verde” only. Got that? =)

Back to the actual pattern - the confusion seems to stem from the fact that the lids for Verde looks very much like it might belong to a couple of other patterns. The opal white lid is covered with what looks like yellow-green colored olives or berries with leaves. Further confusion occurs because many of the promotional Pyrex pieces were divided dishes - often with a solid colored base and a white lid with similar designs. The divided dish was also sold separately so it’s rare that they come up for sale on ebay or at garage sales along with the mixing bowls or refrigerator sets. So people often think that they’re a separate promo item - I certainly did the first time I saw it.

The base of this dish is a yellow-green in color and holds 1.5 quart (standard 963/1063 size). I believe that the lids for the round and oval casseroles in the Verde line also have the same olive berries pattern on the top (though we’ve also seen them as clear, though that could be just mismatched lids).

Thanks go to our friend Yvonne for letting us photograph this piece of hers above…

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