Pattern: Woodland
Identifiers / Alternate Names: Simple white outlines of different flowers and leaves in a band around the item, which is sometimes brown and sometimes beige. Also known as: Woodland Brown, Woodsy Flowers
Item Type: 400 Series Woodland Nesting Bowls Set
Years Manufactured: 1978
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Sizes and ID#s: #401 (750ml) #402 (1.5 L) #403 (2.5 L) #404 (4 L)
Original Box#s: 300-6, 400-6

This is another one of those bowl sets where they produced both the 300 series which had the 3 smaller bowls, and the 400 series with the 4 quart bowl included. It’s actually one of the few times I’m sure of it since I’ve seen many original boxes for both online. The only difference is the 400 has the larger 4 quart bowl added to it.

There are alternating patterns and colors for the different sized bowls. The 401 750 ml and 403 2.5 liter are darker brown while the 402 1.5 liter and 404 4 liter bowls are an interesting light beige, almost pinkish in appearance. The actual pattern is a band of flowers outlined in white running around the bowl in both cases. This seems to be a pretty popular set of bowls, even though it is fairly newer. We know this from the backstamp which is square and has measurements in metric.

Here’s a pic of two of the bowls, we just happened to get the same color 402 and 404 light beige color ones.

Pyrex Love - Woodland Brown 400 set

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